Pediatric Epilepsy Genetics
Research Group

Department of Neuropediatrics
University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein


Unfortunately, we do not have any open positions at the moment. However, there might be possibilities to join our group at short notice, therefore we would like to encourage everybody who is interested in our work to apply for a job.


for doctoral students

Regularly, we offer possibilities to join our group for a doctoral thesis.

If you are interested in doing a doctoral thesis with us on a project in epilepsy genetics, please contact us by phone or via e-mail. We will be able to tell you, whether there are open positions for doctoral students and what kind of project might be offered to you.

As we want to make sure that every student receives optimal training and support, we might not have capacities to accept new students sometimes .

We expect that our students are interested in doing scientific research and that they are willing to put some efforts into their project.

During a first, short meeting we might talk about our expectations and ideas.

Apart from working on a specific project, we are aiming at teaching our students some general knowledge on epilepsies and epilepsy genetics. Therefore, they will join our weekly journal club and get the possibility to do practical trainings on our neuropediatric ward at the university hospital or at the Northern German Epilepsy Center in Schwentinental / Raisdorf. Furthermore, students will be encouraged to visit national and international meetings and present their work.


More Information?


If you have questions concerning possibilities to do a doctoral thesis or if you are interested in joining our team, please contact us: