Pediatric Epilepsy Genetics
Research Group

Department of Neuropediatrics
University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein


Young Researchers
in Pediatric Epileptology:

From Gene to Disease

Kiel, Aug 23rd - Aug 25th 2012


In August 2012, we held the first

“Young Researchers in Pediatric Epileptology"

meeting in Kiel at the Baltic Sea.

The aim of this meeting was to bring together young clinicians and researchers working in the field of pediatric epileptology for an intensive exchange of experiences and knowledge. Researchers from different areas got in contact to learn from each other and to initiate new collaborations and networks.

Invited talks by young colleagues presented a broad overview and provided insights into recent discoveries on the genetic causes of pediatric epilepsies, the pathogenetic and pathophysiological mechanisms and the clinical relevance. Keynote lectures by experienced scientists addressed essential topics such as ethical aspects of pediatric research. Additionally, many participants used the meeting to present their research projects and discussed them within the group.

Following this comprehensive program, we enjoyed the summerly evenings at the Baltic Sea in an inspirational and creative atmosphere.

Thanks to everybody for coming to Kiel and making this meeting a great success!


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Below, you find the program and abstract book of this meeting.

Program & Abstracts



This meeting was supported by the Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Hamburg, Germany

Academy of Sciences and Humanities

and the Prof. Dr. Peter und Jytte Wolf - Stiftung für Epilepsie

Prof. Dr. Peter und Jytte Wolf - Stiftung

as well as by the companies Desitin and UCB.

We are grateful to all sponsors.


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