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Epilepsy Genetics Workshop


Young Researchers in Epileptology Meeting 2013

Sde Boker, Israel

Dec 12th - Dec 15th 2013


In December 2013, we helt the

Sde Boker – Meeting on Epilepsy Genetics
and the
Young Researchers in Epileptology – Meeting 2013

taking place in Midreshet Sde Boker, Ben-Gurion University Campus for Desert Research (Israel).

We thought that travelling to Israel in the middle of December would give us a short break from the grey, rainy and cold Mid-European winter. However, the opposite was true as everybody who joined us will remember...

To ease traveling, we started the meeting in the Senat Building, Marcus Campus of Ben Gurion University in Be’er Sheva on Thursday, 12th and travelled to Sde Boker in the evening.

Within this beautiful part of the Negev desert, the home of Israel’s first prime minister David Ben Gurion, we found an inspiring atmosphere to discuss the latest developments in epilepsy genetics with specific respect to the chances and possibilities of epilepsy genetics in Israel and Palestine.

Leading experts in the field provided an excellent overview of the most recent topics in epilepsy genetics.

On December 14th, 2013, we continued the success and fun of the Young Researchers in Epileptology-Meeting that was held for the first time in Kiel, Germany, in August 2012.

Young scientists and clinicians presented their work in short introductional platform presentations followed by intensive discussions on complementary posters.

A motivational talk and a round table to meet the experts made this day different from the others.

Below, you find the program for the 2013 meeting:


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on the 2013 Young Researchers Meeting

Thanks to everybody for coming to Israel and making this meeting a very special event and a great success!

Best wishes from Kiel and Sde Boker,

Sarah von Spiczak, Lior Greenbaum, Ingo Helbig, Zaid Afawi, Alon Friedman, Ilan Blatt and Amos Korczyn



The meeting was supported by the Department of Neuropediatrics at the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein, Campus Kiel and the Zlotowski Center for Neuroscience, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

Department of Neuropediatrics, Kiel

Zlotowski Cenetr for Neuroscience

In addition, the meeting was supported by the Prof. Dr. Peter und Jytte Wolf - Stiftung für Epilepsie

Prof. Dr. Peter und Jytte Wolf - Stiftung

as well as by the pharmaceutical company Desitin.

Furthermore, travel support for young researchers was granted by the German Epilepsy Society (DGfE).

The European Science Foundation (ESF) supported the meeting as part of the EuroEPINOMICS dissemination program and the Israeli Chapter of the International League Against Epilepsygranted financial support.

We are grateful to all sponsors.


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