Pediatric Epilepsy Genetics
Research Group

Department of Neuropediatrics
University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein

Our Group

There is a long tradition of work and research on the genetic basis of childhood epilepsies in the Department of Neuropediatrics at the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel.

In its current form, our group exists since 2007.

We are a young and upcoming group working with great excitement on the genetic background of epilepsies starting in childhood.


Further group members

  • Angelika Ackerhans, sample management
  • Kerstin Wulbrandt, technician
  • Dr. med. Klaus Moldenhauer, database management
  • Christa Saager, administration

Doctoral students

  • Anna Baumgart, physician
  • Katrin Finsterwalder, physician
  • Corinna Hartmann, cand. med.
  • Rebecca Kleiss, physician
  • Joerdis Knoth, physician
  • Florans Madjidyar, cand. med.
  • Tanja Obermeier, physician
  • Markus von Deimling, cand. med.

Former members

  • Dr. med. Philipp Ostertag
  • Dr. med. Ines Steinich (former doctoral student)

More information?


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